sabato 24 agosto 2013

Free Platform Engine with GameMaker:Studio

In this post I want to show you a personal solution for a little platform engine using GameMaker:Studio professional. The prerequisites to understand the code is to know the basic concepts of GameMaker and its GML language. So if you don't have this knowledge I advice you to visit the site and read the basic documentation. GameMaker is a powerful tool to make 2D games for many platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS ..... Here it is what we will see if you execute the GameMaker project attached to this post:

Inside the project you can find sprites and tiles that I have made by myself ,so they are free. The project shows you the basic concepts for understand how to move a player in a platform game and how to manage collisions. The code is commented and easy to understand.

domenica 11 agosto 2013

The First Post on GameMaker Studio

Well I decided to start a series of posts on GameMaker, in other words the use of GameMaker for build 2D games on Android. Let's start with this link :

In the YOYGAMES site you can find all informations you need about this great tool. Make a game is not an easy task, in particular without any advanced tool. GameMaker is designed to be a one-stop tool for single and small teams of game developers. I'm not an expert of GameMaker but I have read articles and books, so I would to like to share my knowledge. My target for next post is to start the tutorial for a 2D Platform using GameMaker.

Push The Blocks

Push the blocks is a logic game. You have to push the blocks and move them in the yellow area. The little robot can only push a single block and if you make a mistake you have to restart the level. In this game is important to use your mind and logic before any movement.